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Red, black, white: a trilogy of contrasts, a classic combination which renews and multiplies within python print, tracing unprecedented graphisms and a glam-rock mood.Alluring, intense red for leather boots with maxi logo and gold stiletto heel and ankle boots with monogram buttons and a scarlet fur hem, evoking a Moulin Rouge atmosphere. Shiny and seductive texture for our python print: graphic and sinuous on keen-high boots with gold-pleated heel and on cowboy boots with triple buckle. The mood decidedly veers to street style on absolute black accessories, spaced out by flashes of red: imposing design and volumes, calfskin paired with neoprene, rubber heels and grip-fast soles ensuring comfort and steadiness. Matte black or glossy patent leather for the new lace up boots: an aggressive look with great attention for details, such as colourful maxi stones as eyelets or a personalised tag on the sole.

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