History: from 1910 till today

It was far back in 1910 when the family, of which Gimmi Baldinini is the third generation, took its first steps in footwear, making bespoke shoes entirely by hand. Today those craft skills are still as important as ever and are interwoven with creative expertise inspired by world culture. Now, 100 years later and with millions of pairs of shoes under its belt, the company has more than 100 flagship stores around the world in the most exciting fashion locations. Its production unit employs over 250 highly skilled workers. Baldinini brand creations attract attention and are instantly recognised, they are the choice of a huge following of devotees and of the leading world fashion markets.

Yesterday, today and Tomorrow: an adventure spanning a century

In the place where he was born, where his grandfather first gave him advice and carved the first forms, thereby establishing the family’s first workshop, Gimmi Baldinini later decided to set up and develop his factory. Now, the fully renovated old building has become an imposing complex with the lightness of modern architecture. In fact the surrounding countryside is reflected in its glass panels. Despite the brand’s current dimensions and the international scope of its mission, its original spirit and creative passion are as strong as ever. For many years this designer has worked with the same craftsmen and skilled workers as they accompany him in the firm’s growth and support its triumphs.





San Mauro Pascoli, 1910: among the walls of the family shoes workshop lay the origins of a company and a brand which Gimmi Baldinini guided beyond its boundaries, on the territories on international fashion.

Creativity also means knowing when to be bold

When making our shoes, we have always our applied our love for research and our meticulous eye for detail. Our choice of materials, shapes and techniques continuously renews and regenerates our footwear’s spirit and fashion appeal. Our vast experience permits us to combine the manual skills and style of Italian craftsmanship in a continuously evolving fashion statement.





From the choice of hides to style design, to hand-made finishing, the creation of every piece is an exciting journey through Made in Italy tradition and contemporary fashion messages.

The communication strategies

The leitmotif running through the most important stages of Baldinini’s history is inseparably linked to the brand’s communication strategies, to advertising campaigns, and to the worldwide international events, from fashion weeks to trunk shows, which the designer attends with wholehearted dedication. The Baldinini style embraces the changing moods of fashion and innovation; it observes and stays close to the tastes of its audience yet never ignores provocation.





Advertising campaigns and season catalogues composed of photo sequences: the evolution of style told through the images of every collection.

The shoes, the fruit of complex chemistries

Varied collections rich in details, solid tradition with a hint of madness, femininity and energy: for a designer like Gimmi, his creative ideal is to give free rein to his imagination and craft skills. In other words, the ability to create by hand, to model, adjust and perfect every last in accordance with the ergonomics of each model in addition to mixing materials with supreme mastery and inventing new combinations of cuts and solutions.





The brand identity was built step after step as a unique and non-replicable dna. Today the label features outline a glamorous and distinctive personal stylistic code.