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Can you feel the summer coming?


When summer arrives, you can feel it. You can feel it in the air, even before the sun becomes scorching and the sky turns a deeper blue, with the warm air like that of a hairdryer. The sea becomes a mirror reflecting the fiery rays, a safe haven adding a touch of salt and refreshment to sun-kissed skin. The horizon sometimes blurs and blends with the water, drawing the eye like a magnet. For many, the sea is a place of the heart. It is for us at Baldinini too, as we've always lived close to it.

We share that mix of land and water with our homeland of Romagna. Our footwear is crafted in those places where the countryside meets the sea. On the beach, shoes come off. It's wonderful to do so and walk barefoot on the sand, across the dunes, in the water. They come off and are held in hand for a stroll or left in the shade, waiting for our return. They don’t get damaged if cared for properly. They should accompany us on any day, to any place, telling our story.

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Nappa leather, raffia, leather, and rhinestones: the material matters because it tells the soul of things. Slippers, sandals, mules, and loafers evoke the hues of the sea and sand, so soft to the touch, so welcoming. As the sun reaches its peak, shadows shift, creating a play of light and dark. In the most beautiful hour, as the sun sets, rhinestone-encrusted sandals shine, reflecting light in a thousand directions. Beneath the mats, the warmth subsides, and the mind relaxes. The most beautiful thoughts surface. There's room for company but also for solitude, to be enjoyed while listening only to oneself and the sound of the sea.

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In this relaxed atmosphere, ultra-light loafers and slip-ons are trusted companions. Pack them in your suitcase with the confidence of wearing them from morning to evening. Espadrilles and woven leather sandals are also reliable choices: comfortable on the beach, on a boat, and at dinner under the stars. Especially under the stars, at the end of an unforgettable day.


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