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During Milan Fashion Week, from February 18th to 26th, 2024, Baldinini presents "Fino ad ora come allora," the immersive exhibition curated by the versatile artist Matete Martini at the Milan boutique, located at Via della Spiga 26. The exhibition retraces the brand's history by reinterpreting the historical archive through photographic, video, and audio works created by the artist during her residency in Baldinini's production heart in San Mauro Pascoli.

"There is a cyclical journey of growth, decline, strength, and rebirth already completed—a stylistic exercise in narrating an idea, a tale of a winding, compelling, and theatrical journey. Thus emerged the brief marriage between me and the Baldinini brand," says Matete Martini. "I lost myself skin to skin in the Baldinini historical archive. From its iconic seventies clog, I worked on a wide selection of iconic models that narrate a deeply Italian production. Comfort, femininity, and Italian identity shine through in every piece."

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Matete Martini is an Italian artist who embarked on her artistic journey at the age of seven, training as a painter. Today, she is deeply involved in promoting and developing projects across various artistic disciplines including painting, performance, sculpture, fashion, glass design, cinema, and education. As a curator and artist, she poured her heart into collaborating with Baldinini to create the "Fino ad ora come allora" archive exhibition, offering an immersive journey through the brand's history and promising future.


"The only place an artist, a photographer, or a curator can have in the midst of a magnificent story, which is the birth, life, and memory of the idea, is to be an active participant: to immerse oneself mercilessly in the voracious sounds of production,

in words spoken too loudly, in the silence of closed drawers, in forgotten boxes, in the dust of archives, in the patina of offices, in the people who have seen it all and those who have just arrived." - Matete Martini



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